JBS Couros offers wet blue, semi finished and finished leather for furniture, automotive, shoes and leather goods.

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We work hard to promote increasingly responsible practices that reflect our values and comply the highest international standards, from farm to finished leather.

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An innovation in the production chain that will transform the industry. Discover how Kind Leather is shaping the future.

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About Us JBS Couros - More than a Tannery.

JBS Couros is a global leather processing company with twenty-one manufacturing units and five distribution centers in four continents. We offer solutions that rely on innovation, efficient logistics and a global platform, standing out for the greater control of the value chain.

Our core is to produce leather in wet blue, semi and finished stages for automotive, furniture, footwear, leather goods, among others. The privileged access to the raw material, the proximity to the main commercial herds in the world, the production platforms and the distribution in the main consumer markets contribute to referring in the market.

The company is influenced by the world’s reference on fashion and trends. Our Research and Development Centre, Conceria Priante, in Italy, design our products. These constant investments to research trends and designs have produced new and much more interesting interpretations of leather.

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Learn more about our operations and be inspired by our high-quality leather, which passes through hundreds of hands before being transformed into a unique product.

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